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Life Cleanse: A journey to renewal and empowerment

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Sandy Bramall
Sandy Bramall
Oct 08, 2023

Thank you for the Esther Hicks Self Love Rampage.... It was lovely to reconnect with her and her teachings. Felt the top up deeply after a very sad and challenging day at my workplace. I resonate with Nonviolent communication book, and I actually already have a copy of this book. Wonderful though to revisit and remind myself on having more compassion when my manager was speaking very aggressively to me and accusing me of something that was untrue. Eventually...... what unfolded was her unresolved trauma in a similar situation and she was unable to see or hear my situation as being completely different to what she experienced. This allowed me to continue speaking up and following through with my truth. In the past I may have been much more submissive and went along and took on that I was wrong in my actions.



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