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Life Cleanse 4-Week Course:
A Journey to Renewal and Empowerment

Begins Feb 18th, 2024

Dear seekers of radiant health, positive change and well-being.

As we journey through life, there are times when we yearn for renewal, when we long to shed the old layers and embrace the freshness and energy of positive change and self-growth. The Life Cleanse 4-Week Course is your invitation to embark on a transformative journey that will refresh your body, awaken your spirit, empower your choices, and guide you towards a life of boundless joy and fulfilment.


Life is like our home, in which we gather our experiences, dreams and aspirations. Yet, sometimes, our home becomes cluttered with doubts, negative energies, and habits that no longer serve us. That's when the call for a cleanse becomes imperative – not just for our body or surroundings, but for our very essence.

Imagine a journey where each week brings new revelations, fresh insights that guide you towards a life steeped in positivity, purpose, and empowerment. Over four immersive weeks, you will navigate through the realms of your environment, lifestyle, relationships, and inspiration, uncovering the gems that will illuminate your path ahead.

I look forward to guiding you through this life-changing experience.

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Here is what to expect:


Throughout the 4 weeks you will be supported by Nutritional Therapist, Lizzie Lake, to gently cleanse and renew your body using targeted nutrition, daily movement and nourishing self-care rituals.

Andy Kidd will guide you in meditation, relaxing breathwork and gentle beginner's yoga. Andy has worked in retreats around the world for over 25 years and is currently at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat on the Gold Coast.

Each week will bring a new topic of focus, with recorded video content, activities and challenges to complete, a live presentation and Q & A session, and an optional check-in call. All the content will be available in the dedicated online group.


Week One: Your Environment – Shifting Mindset

Begin your journey by tuning into the energies that surround you. Explore the power of habit formation, ignite your motivation, and cleanse your physical space for a harmonious, uplifting atmosphere.



Self care: Breathing and inner smile meditation with Andy

Contemplation: Letting Go

Activity: Your energy Audit

Do: Pantry Detox

Live Chat with Liz: The 8 Laws of creating new habits

Watch: Feng Shui tips to cleanse your home with Natalie

Challenge: House/room declutter and cleanse (as simple or detailed as you like)

Week Two: Your Lifestyle – Creating New Habits

Shift your focus to nurturing habits that enrich your life. Immerse yourself in the elements of nature, reevaluate your screen time, and learn the art of detoxifying your body and mind.



Do: Beginner's yoga with Andy and sun salutation

Live chat with Liz: Hack your circadian rhythm for better sleep

Do: Bedtime routine to sleep like a baby

Watch: Nature - elements

Challenge: Screen time detox

Education: Toxins, hormones and energy

Do: Yoga Nidra meditation


Week Three: Your Relationships – Healthy Connections

Forge meaningful connections through effective communication and gratitude. Embrace a wholesome relationship with food, and cultivate self-love that radiates from within.



Do: Yoga/breathing/meditation

Contemplation: Communication and your personal critic

Do: Daily self-love activity

Challenge: Appreciation exercise

Live Chat with Liz: Shifting your food relationship

Do: Gratitude journal or list

Watch: Your words are powerful

Week Four: Your Inspiration – Creating a Life You Love

Unleash your inner creator, immerse yourself in abundance, and craft affirmations that resonate with your aspirations. Reconnect with your inner child's playful creativity and design a holistic health formula that encompasses your entire being.



Do: Yoga/breathing/meditation

Live Chat with Liz: From Victim to Creator

Challenge: “Your true heart's desires” exercise

Do: Purposeful affirmations

Watch: Prioritising your inner child: playful creativity

Challenge: Your Health Formula

Final Completion Live Chat with Liz: Ignite your Passion and Libido

Do: Celebrate you!


BONUS: 1 on 1 session with me valued at over $200 and library of recipes, inspiration, education, content and meal plans.


This journey isn't just about the external changes; it's about transforming your inner landscape, embracing positivity, and stepping into your fullest potential. The Life Cleanse 4-Week Course isn't just a course; it's a compass guiding you towards a life infused with purpose, joy, and authenticity.


If you're ready to shed the old skin, to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and growth, then join us on this remarkable expedition. The Life Cleanse 4-Week Course awaits, eager to unfold its wisdom and inspiration in every facet of your existence.


Enrol now and let's begin this incredible journey together. 

Your renewal starts now!

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"I went from being unhappily scattered and disorganised to being

full of enthusiasm..."

"I loved the whole process of Life Cleanse! Every day Lizzie presented another opportunity to gently wake up my mind and body to bring me back to my better self and it really did that. I went from being unhappily scattered and disorganised to being full of enthusiasm for planning and fully living each beautiful day in an orderly and more conscious way. I now have a morning and evening routine that delights me and a renewed awareness to make better healthy choices throughout the day in so many areas of life. I’m honestly full of gratitude that I could take part in the four wonderful weeks of the Life Cleanse with Lizzie and recommend it to anyone who wants to refresh their life." - Valerie, Lismore, NSW

"My skin was clearer in the first week..."

"I thoroughly enjoyed doing the 4 week cleanse with Liz. So much wisdom shared, I learned so much! Lots of options to start your day right. So many ways to clear out your life, on many levels. Daily challenges and rituals, lots of which I still do. My skin was clearer in the first week. Thank you for holding such a beautiful space Liz." - Kim, Gold Coast, QLD

"My quality of sleep has improved immensely..."

I am so grateful for the learnings that I received from participating in the Life Cleanse. The cleanse was packed with resources and practices to support me in improving my health and wellness. I particularly love the morning routine which really helps me to begin my day in a nurturing and supportive way. It is something that I have now made part of my daily practice. I also received so much out of the themed evening calls, and my quality of sleep has improved immensely after implementing some of the ideas that were presented. Liz created a beautifully safe and supportive space throughout the cleanse. She lives and breathes what she teaches and it is clear that she has so much knowledge and experience to support her clients to thrive. I highly recommend her Life Cleanse if you want to boost your vitality and create better health in your life!" - Sonia, Melbourne, VIC

If you have any questions about whether the cleanse is right for you, please book in a FREE Health Coaching Discovery call and we can get clear on your primary health goal and how to achieve it! Just click on the image below and you will be taken to my booking page.

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Join us on Feb 18, 2024

Reclaim your energy and live life to the fullest

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