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Feb 18, 2024 - Mar 17, 2024

The Life Cleanse: A journey to renewal and empowerment

  • 29Days


The Life Cleanse 4-Week Course is your invitation to embark on a transformative journey that will refresh your body, awaken your spirit, empower your choices, and guide you towards a life of boundless joy and fulfilment. Imagine a journey where each week brings a new revelation, a fresh insight that guides you towards a life steeped in positivity, purpose, and empowerment. Over four immersive weeks, you will navigate through the realms of your environment, lifestyle, relationships, and inspiration, uncovering the gems that will illuminate your path ahead. X Lizzie Lake

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LifeCleanse: A journey to renewal & empowerment

LifeCleanse: A journey to renewal & empowerment

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