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About My Aliveness: Natural Vitality

Our 'Natural Vitality' is the state we were born to be in. We are healthy, energised, and living in alignment with Nature - and our own True Nature. We are no longer consumed with anxiety about what's wrong with us and how to get better, or plagued with discomfort, fatigue and stress. This frees us up to be our 'best selves' for our children, partners, our inspired work and play in the world, and for ourselves. We are clear in body and mind.


A clear body is able to create abundant energy to efficiently deal with the stresses of modern life: sub-optimal food/drink, environmental toxins, microbes, moulds, radiation etc.... and to fully engage in life's varied and wonderful experiences, and to learn, grow and transform through them.

A clear mind is healthy, creative, open, and connected with the heart and body. It can recognise dysfunctional patterns of thought, and has the strategies and will to shift out of them.

Maybe you have found my page because like so many people in our modern world you are tired, stressed and unwell, and just don't have the energy for anything more than surviving. It is my vision to assist you to find and address the root causes of what is preventing your vitality, so you can move through this phase with wisdom and growth, and have abundant energy to live from your heart and create your dreams!


The Root Cause Protocol

As soon as I heard Morley Robbins (the brain behind the Root Cause Protocol) speaking about the interaction of iron and copper with oxygen in the body, I was fascinated.

The RCP just makes sense. It is based on the premise that everything in the body requires energy, and so our body needs to produce enough and in a clean way to minimise oxidative stress (oxygen management gone wrong).

Stress, no matter the source (physical, environmental, emotional, metabolic etc) is equal to oxidative stress in the body. It causes our body to use and lose Magnesium at an accelerated rate, and when we have multiple, extreme and/or constant stress, we are constantly ‘burning’ through magnesium and other minerals very quickly. We need to replace these minerals or we end up out of balance and in a state of dysregulation.


Mineral dysregulation (particularly lack of bioavailable copper and magnesium, and an excess of unbound iron) leads to oxidative damage. The mitochondria don’t have the minerals in the amounts they need to produce enough energy, or in a ‘clean’ way. Energy production is forced down a pathway that results in destructive free radicals (reactive oxygen species), and therefore oxidative damage and lipid peroxidation – damage to the cells. This creates inflammation and cell death. And as we know, inflammation is at the root of most diseases.

When we have symptoms, this dysfunctional production of energy and oxidative stress is at the core of the issue, and the body systems that are most affected by this dynamic will express the symptoms of disease. This is how, regardless of how inflammation is showing up in your body, the ‘Root Cause’ is the same, and using the “Root Cause Protocol” to address mineral deficiencies and oxidative damage, is effective for healing so many health issues.

Imagine your body has all the minerals it needs in the right balance, so your mitochondria can produce ample quantities of clean energy, and every body system has the resources to function at its optimum. This includes your immune system, your brain function, your ability to detoxify efficiently, your digestion, hormone production, skin, eyes, circulatory system and lungs, your reproductive system – every part of your body. This is our goal with the Root Cause Protocol.

And I haven't even scratched the surface of the fascinating dynamic of iron in the body - For information on iron and Anaemia, go here.

As a Root Cause Protocol Consultant, I am trained in the understanding of minerals, oxidative stress and how to support the body using wholefood and natural means. I can help you order specific blood tests and/or Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to get a good picture of what's happening in your body, and go through the results with you through the lense of the RCP.

For more information on the Root Cause Protocol, and to download the handbook, which details what you need to STOP doing right away, and START doing to support your optimal health, please visit

I would be honoured to support you in your journey to health and vitality through the principals of the RCP.


Natural Vitality:
The 6 Pillars

These 6 areas of your life are at the foundation of your wellness, and if you pay attention to bringing them in to balance, your health (and life) will improve faster than you believed possible!

1. Nutrition

The best way you can support your body through diet is eating the way your own ancestors did. What did your grandmother's mother cook? I'm betting that wherever you're from it was based on fresh wholefoods, locally farmed or home-grown, organic or spray free. Organ meats and cooking with fat were the norm. Fermented foods and broths have made a comeback for good reason - these mineral rich foods are also great for digestive health. The health of your gut is paramount to the health of your body and mind, and restoring the diversity and proper function of the microbiome is a foundational part of many of my clients' healing journeys.

A source of mineral-rich fresh water, free from chlorine, fluoride and other impurities is important for optimal vitality. Spring or rain water are ideal. Be sure to add minerals back in to your water if you are using a filter, as 'hungry' mineral-stripped water can do more harm than good.

Minerals run the body - you can't make energy without them, and it is essential for health and healing to give your body the minerals it needs. I will look at your mineral profile using specific blood tests and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, to determine how your body is dealing with the stressors in your life, and prescribe nutritional support and/or supplementation.

2. Nature

I can't stress how important it is to get out into Nature every day. Being outside offers us so much. Stand barefoot or lie on the ground, breathe in the fresh air, let it fill your lungs! We spend way too much time inside the office, car, house, breathing recycled air, and the toxins that are emitted from our carpets, furniture, cleaning products, clothing and walls. The air and earth in the natural environment are diverse in microbes and rich in negative ions that relax us, heal us, ground us, strengthen our immune system and dissolve our stress away.

Let the sun shine on your skin - soak it up! Our skin is designed to make Vitamin D (which is actually a hormone), from the sun's energy, as well as break down vitamin A into active forms. Both are essential for the function of your immune system.

Another important part of being in nature is the wonder and awe we feel, a sense of belonging to something so much bigger than ourselves. Our worries can fade away as we watch the sun rise or set, or listen to the birds, the wind in the trees, the waves lapping the sand.

3. Movement

The benefits of exercise are well known, and can improve your vitality in almost every area including mental health, energy production and libido. Movement allows the lymphatic system to flow freely and sweat to cleanse the body. Include a variety of exercise that improves cardiovascular health, strength and flexibility, and make sure it is fun! Exercise is an opportunity to play and enjoy yourself. Choose something you love like dancing, frisbee, roller skating, or a team sport.


4. Rest

It is all too common these days for us to feel unworthy unless we are achieving something. Multi-tasking, over-committing, out of time and rushing to the next activity, the pressure to succeed in parenting, career and life. Our way of life puts us in a chronic state of fight or flight. Our nervous system needs to rest. It's not a luxury, its a necessity. In order to have the energy we need for our busy lives, we need to take care of ourselves or we will burn out. Because of our conditioning, many of us deny ourselves pleasure and rest, feel guilty for taking time out, 'doing nothing', or have even forgotten how to relax fully. Try taking just a few minutes out of every day to lie flat on your back, in silence, and do nothing but breathe. You may be surprised by how much more clear-minded and productive you become.

Sleep is where we reset completely. Our body and mind have a chance to drop everything, and process the day's activities for growth and learning. Not having enough sleep is torturous, and profoundly affects our ability to think clearly and function effectively in life. Our circadian rhythm and ability to sleep well are affected by many things in our modern lifestyle - bright lights, screen time, stimulants, stress, nutrient deficiencies etc. and there are an array of things we can do to support a better night's sleep.

5. Relationships

We need other people. Family, love, friends and community are a vital part of our well-being and sense of fulfillment in life.  Spend time with people who inspire you. Laugh! Play! Prepare and eat meals together - food is better for you that way.


Be curious about others' points of view. The way we deal with conflict in relationships can result in isolation, or deepening connection as we appreciate another person's unique perspective, and realise how similar we really are. It is helpful to develop the skills of empathy, compassion and effective communication.  And in order to truly love others, we need to understand and have a loving relationship with ourselves.

6. Purpose/passion/play

What lights you up? What stirs your soup, sparks your excitement, tickles you pink? Do more of those things!

What are we on this earth for if not to live on purpose and create our heart's true desires? This world is a playground with infinite experiences to be had, and ways to explore life. What is important to you? Do you have a big idea? When you have a grand vision, you don't need to worry about finding the energy to work towards it, it just pours out of you, because you are so excited and motivated by your dream.

It's unfortunately very normal for us to have a million reasons why we can't do what we'd truly love. None of them are real! These blocks to our pure joy are derived from our egoic, dysfunctional 'identity' that tells us how 'it' is, and tries to keep us safe. If we didn't have those aspects of ourselves we would just get on with doing the things we need to do in order to have the life we want. But we are human, and we have our limitations... I would love to help you learn to understand your self-sabotaging patterns, and how to drop them or use them as fuel to empower yourself to create a life that excites, motivates and fulfills you.


Life Coaching and NLP

Have you ever considered that the symptom you are experiencing has a deeper purpose?


I have spent my adult life immersed in the wellness industry, and I have learned repeatedly that health and disease are not mechanistic, physical things, and you can't be 'fixed' just from the outside in.

Modern medicine is mostly about managing or masking the symptoms of your ill-health, or killing off the thing that 'caused' it. Obviously, modern medicine is also to thank for the life-saving and sometimes miraculous interventions that save lives every day - but most treatments, pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries and antibiotics are unnecessary, misguided, often detrimental, and even deadly.

And along side this, there are people every day, curing themselves of the 'incurable', looking deep within to the lessons to be learned in their situation, sitting with pain and discovering wisdom and growth within it, holding an unwavering vision for themselves of health and vitality, and most importantly, applying the wisdom, to create a new way of being, to become the healthy, vital version of themselves.

From what I have observed in myself and countless others, there is always an unresolved emotional issue at the core of our symptoms. It is one of the most exciting things to me, to help my clients look back through their life, understand themselves better, and connect stressful events in their lives to their physical symptoms. Just the realisation of these links can shift so much and be incredibly healing.

Then we can look at clearing and re-organising dysfunctional patterns of thought, emotion, and behaviour, to create new habits that support health and vitality. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is one strategy I use that can make a huge difference to your emotional and mental state, and assist you to become aware of your patterns, and create new ones.

We all created an 'identity' as a child, complete with beliefs about who we are, how the world is, and how we 'have to' be. We go on to experience events repeatedly in our life (including symptoms of illness) that 'prove' our beliefs to be true, no matter how dysfunctional they are.

Sometimes we need someone to help us see those patterns and how they relate to our health.

Exploring your healing in this way can mean you are changed, evolved beyond who you were before. You have not just 'gotten rid of' the symptom, you have harnessed the wisdom it offered, transformed into a new person, healthier and happier than you were before!

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