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Heal the Root Cause of stress, fatigue & inflammation

The Aliveness Program

For those who are ready to reclaim their energy, restore their health and get their life back. 

Have you ever wondered if there's another way?

Are you sick of feeling tired and stressed all the time?


Are you exhausted way more than you should be, and don't know why?


Do you suspect you have anaemia, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, food sensitivities, poor gut health, stress/anxiety/depression?

Have you tried all kinds of things but they don't fix the problem? (Even medication) 


Then this program is exactly what you need.


It's time to break free from the inflammatory cycle of stress & fatigue and reclaim your vitality.

The Aliveness Program is designed to address the Root Cause of your exhaustion, and bring your energy back, fast.

If you're done with the mainstream myths that you need to "soldier through", or you just have to live with this and manage it with more and more iron, thyroxine, anti-depressants or other medications, then I would love to show you another way.

A way that works: a way to truly heal, naturally.

The Aliveness Program is specifically designed for those who are ready to fast-track their healing by working side by side with a knowledgeable, supportive practitioner.

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You can't fix a problem withthe same mindset that created it.

What you have been doing so far isn't working. It's time for something different.

Within the 12 sessions of your Aliveness Program, I will help you understand a new context of your symptoms and empower you to take charge of your health and healing. The program pairs powerful functional testing with qualified Nutritional advice and supportive one to one coaching. During your program I will:


  • Assist you in re-mineralising your body, healing inflammation and supporting your mitochondria to make all the energy your body needs to run at its peak. (for more information go to

  • Order and analyse specific tests to get a thorough picture of your mineral dynamics and oxidative stress, and to uncover the Root Cause of your fatigue.

  • Guide you with qualified, evidence-based advice on your diet and supplements using holistic Nutritional Therapy and food as medicine.

  • Help you create new lifestyle habits that are energy-giving.

  • Coach you on your mindset so you are able to make sustainable changes to your health and live the full and energised life you dream of.

  • Introduce you to proven ways to reduce stress and improve your stress resilience.

Healing takes time. It took time for your body to get out of balance, and coming back into balance won't happen overnight. This is why I have created this 6-month program - to ensure that you have the best chance at healing completely and getting the results you wish for.

What's included?

Total Value = $2500 +

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Join The Aliveness Program

Choose how you'll invest in your health

Pay in full

One payment of $1990

Payment plan

$299 today, then

fortnightly payments of $169

How it Works

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After joining, you'll share your relevant info and health history with me through an intake form, and have your initial consultation.

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You'll send your hair away for testing following instructions provided. Other tests will be ordered including the "Full Monty" bloods panel.

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We'll meet for a comprehensive review of your results. A plan for your appointment schedule is made, and goals set.

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For 6 months, we’ll meet fortnightly for your 1:1 coaching sessions to support you in implementing changes and finding solutions that fit your lifestyle.

About Me

Elizabeth Lake

Accredited Nutritionist, RCP Consultant, Certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner

I'm passionate about teaching people natural, sustainable ways to recover from fatigue conditions, and helping them get their energy back to do the things they love. People need to know that there's another way - they don't have to resign themselves to a diagnosis and a lifetime of synthetic medications.


I have been coaching people in wellness for almost 20 years. I bring together food as medicine, mineral rebalancing and life coaching strategies to uncover the root causes and offer a thorough and holistic service to my clients, helping them heal from anaemia, Hashimoto's, adrenal and chronic fatigue, gut conditions and hormonal imbalances.

10 years ago I healed myself from adrenal fatigue using specific foods, supplements and lifestyle changes, and went on to study Nutritional Medicine, Neurolinguistic Programming and The Root Cause Protocol, all of which this program is built on. 

  • Is The Aliveness Program only for fatigue conditions?
    No. Fatigue is a prominent symptom of many conditions, and The Aliveness Program is a way for you to commit to healing yourself from whatever health issues you have, through working with a professional who can guide you to reduce the inflammation and oxidative stress in your body, replenish your minerals, improve your diet and lifestyle habits, build your stress resilience and help you understand the underlying stress that is contributing to your health issues, all while keeping you accountable to your health goals through regular sessions.
  • When does the program start?
    As soon as you choose your preferred payment method (upfront or payment plan), you will be able to book in your first session with me. This is a one to one program, and we will book your sessions in on a fortnightly basis ahead of time.
  • Can I claim the program under my private health fund?
    If your health fund covers Nutritionists (different from Dieticians), then you are eligible for a rebate on any of the Nutrition consultations we have. Please check with your provider.
  • Will this work for me if I'm not in the Gold Coast or in Australia?
    Yes. I have many clients in other states and overseas. My most common form of consultation is over Zoom.
  • Can we have our consults in person?
    We can meet in person if you are able to come to Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast for your consultations. In-person meetings are only available on Tuesdays, Thursday mornings, Friday afternoons and Saturdays.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If, for some reason you need to discontinue your 6 month plan, and you have already paid in full, you will be refunded for unused consultations based on an individual consultation fee of $140 per session. If you are on a payment plan you can cancel at any time.
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Join The Aliveness Program

Choose how you'll invest in your health

Pay in full

One payment of $1990

Pay in full

$299 today, then

Fortnightly payments of $169

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