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Deep Roots, Resilient Trunk and Joyful Growth: Three Pillars of Thriving Health

As I continue to explore Wellness and how I can enhance it in myself and my clients, it is increasingly obvious that symptoms don't appear as an isolated physical event. We are not a machine made up of separate 'parts' that can be fixed independently when they stop working. When we are unwell, it is the whole of us that is out of balance. And in order to truly heal, it is necessary to invite the whole of us into the process of healing.

This is why I work the way I do, addressing multiple contributing factors with my clients, from biochemistry to emotional and mental factors, to lifestyle.

Graphic comparing human wellness to parts of a tree

I like to describe how the work I do creates Wellness through the analogy of a thriving tree. Just as a tree stands tall, deeply rooted in the earth, stretching it's branches to the sky, our journey through healing to thriving is dependent on giving attention to our roots (cellular function and biochemistry), our trunk (lifestyle and nutrition), and our growth (mindset, emotions and creativity): The three pillars of thriving health.

Let me explain further...

Nourishing the Roots: Biochemistry in Balance

Picture a majestic tree standing tall and firm. What lies beneath the surface is a network of roots, anchoring the tree and drawing essential nutrients from the earth. Similarly, the roots of our well-being are strong and stable when our deeper biochemistry is functioning optimally.

Our roots, like the inner workings of our physiology, provide the foundation for overall health. Energy production, detoxification, digestion, elimination pathways and other cellular processes are the essence of our roots. In order to heal and move toward optimal health and wellbeing, the importance of cultivating balance in this unseen realm is paramount. Just as a tree with strong roots withstands storms, a body in biochemical harmony becomes resilient against the stressors of the modern world.

Antioxidant and enzyme function, microbial diversity and mineral dynamics form the nourishing soil and mycelium for our roots. Essential vitamins and minerals act as the nutrients that fortify our biochemical foundation, enabling us to weather life's challenges with grace and vigour.

Many of my clients approach me on this 'roots' level: wanting to know the deeper chemistry and function within their body and where it is working well or struggling. My training with the Root Cause Protocol provides a perspective that is eye-opening to many, and satisfies their desire to understand more about their bodies and how to bring their biochemistry back into balance. Some are wanting to heal, and others are wanting to do everything they can to assist their bodies to perform at their optimum, for the duration of their long and healthy life. The Root Cause Protocol provides the simple steps, like a map of how to support the clean production of energy in their body, and heal from the inside, out.

Strengthening the Trunk: Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition

The sturdy trunk of a tree symbolises the physical manifestation of strength and resilience. Similarly, our bodies serve as the trunk, requiring steadfast care to maintain flexibility, strength, and vitality.

Our daily choices, especially in terms of nutrition and lifestyle, contribute to the robustness of our trunk. Much like the rings within a tree trunk tell the tale of its growth, our daily habits sculpt the story of our well-being. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, quality sleep and mindful living in alignment with nature form the core practices that build a resilient, flexible body.

This is where health begins. This is also where my treatment recommendations begin, for example helping my clients improve sleep through lifestyle changes; recommending certain foods as medicine; or guiding groups to detox periodically to cleanse digestion, support the liver and boost energy.

As an accredited Nutritional Therapist, the importance of high nutrition in this phase is no surprise, however I do not push any particular diet. I recommend a fresh, varied, organic-where-possible, whole-food diet, including meat, animal fats, dairy if tolerated, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and plenty of vegetables and fruit. My goal is to help my clients improve their nutrient intake (particularly of therapeutic foods) with food that is compatible with their body and philosophy. This is why I offer food compatibility testing to assist, particularly when there are sensitivity symptoms. A health food for one person may cause inflammation in another!

Many clients come to my work through the trunk: daily lifestyle and nutritional choices that serve to maintain optimal health throughout our lives, and also are the first step to healing when we are out of balance and not already doing these things. They are simple, easy to implement and effective, and they build on themselves to create resilience and robust health.

I educate and guide my clients in crafting a lifestyle that fuels the body with nourishing foods, sustains physical well-being through movement, and fosters balance in all aspects of life. Just as a well-nurtured tree trunk can bend without breaking, a body fortified by healthy lifestyle choices exhibits adaptability and strength in the face of life's twists and turns.

Mindfulness and Heartfulness: Blooming in Growth and Expression

As a tree extends its branches, adorned with leaves and flowers, so does our human spirit blossom through awareness of mindset and emotional health, and ultimately by 'going for it' in life, living with passion and doing the things we love. This is the realm where creativity thrives, and the expression of our unique gifts is our way of life.

A healthy mindset, much like strong and flexible branches, allows us to adapt to life's challenges, embrace change, and reach for new heights. Our emotional health, like the leaves that sway in the wind, reflects our ability to navigate through the storms of life with grace and resilience. Emotional well-being is the vibrant greenery that adds colour and vitality to our experience of life, and our thoughts come and go just as the birds and creatures do.

Just as a tree bears fruit when it's nurtured and well-cared-for, our ability to manifest our goals is a testament to the health of our roots, trunk, branches, and leaves. Pursuing our dreams is an extension of our overall well-being, and the fruits of our labor are a reflection of the harmony we've cultivated within ourselves.

Our mindset, emotional health, beliefs and limiting decisions have a huge impact on our physical body. Some illnesses are directly caused by a stuck way of thinking and behaving. This is why I have found it such an important piece of the puzzle for my clients to delve into their history of stress, and the formation of their point of view and beliefs about themselves. Sometimes just the deeper self-knowledge and self-compassion they find through this process is enough for huge leaps in their health to occur. I also offer Neuro Linguistic Programming to assist in shifting a client's mindset or dysfunctional patterns of thought and emotion, and allow for healthier stories to take root.

Many of my clients desire to access growth and healing beyond the physical building blocks, toward the blossoming of their highest potential. When we are creating the energy our body needs, and feeling healthy, it provides space for our deeper needs and purpose to be brought about. And as we explore the realms of our subconscious saboteurs, and choose a different way of being, our health and wellbeing improves. We can't enjoy a healthy and creative life if we have unconscious, dysfunctional beliefs about ourselves that are running the show.

In essence, the holistic healing process involves tending to the entire ecosystem of our lives. We don't have the energy to feel as much joy, let alone bring our gifts to the world when we are feeling unwell or broken, and similarly, our physical body is profoundly affected by our limiting decisions, our response to stress and our emotional patterning. To truly thrive means nurturing the whole of ourselves: our deeper biochemistry, our lifestyle choices, mindset, emotional health, and the pursuit of our dreams and joys.

So just as a tree stands tall, deeply rooted, with a strong trunk and vibrant branches, so too can we thrive as we honour these three aspects of holistic healing, embarking on a journey toward a harmonious and thriving existence, deeply connected to the essence of our being.

Elizabeth Lake, Accredited Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, Root Cause Protocol Consultant

About Lizzie Lake

Lizzie is a renowned Nutritional Therapist, Root Cause Protocol Consultant, Life Coach and Wellness expert. With over two decades of experience in wellness coaching, Lizzie brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice. Her background in using food as medicine, an understanding of the essential role of minerals in the healing process, and her passion for uncovering the mental, emotional and physical root causes, means Lizzie offers a thorough and holistic service to her clients. Lizzie runs educational programs and retreats, and works with clients in Australia and internationally.

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